Hot Tub Covers_______________________

If you're needing a new Hot Tub Cover, or looking for information about them, you have come to the right spot. 

There are a lot of deals online for new covers that sound tempting, but we encourage you to do your homework so that you get a quality product for the right price. 
Things to know:

Vinyl Quality 
First line of defense against the elements (sun, rain, snow, organic debris, hot tub chemicals etc.)  A low grade vinyl will break down quickly when exposed to these elements leading to water penetrating the foam inside.  This will cause the cover to become increasingly heavy leading to sagging and warping, and eventually major heat loss. 

We want your cover to last.  Be sure that your next cover is made with a high quality vinyl, we don't sell anything but.

Foam Density 

Hot tub covers come in varying densities of foam cores.  Typical densities are 1lb(low) 1.5lb(mid), and 2lb(high).  The 'pound' refers to the number of pounds of raw material used per cubic foot when the foam is made.  Denser or heavier foam cores tend to absorb less water as the air spaces between the foam is reduced.  They also do a better job of insulating the hot tub.

From our experience the mid grade (1.5lb) is the most appropriate for our climate here in Victoria.
Location is the determining factor for choosing the ideal taper. 
If your hot tub is outside you will need a tapered hot tub cover so that rain water runs off the cover.  There are many options out there (5-4, 5-3, 4-3, 4-2, 3-2).  Due to the amount of precipitation we get here in Victoria, we recommend a Taper of 4"-2".  That is 4" thick in the middle and tapering to 2" at the edges.
If your hot tub is indoor you do not need a tapered hot tub cover.  Flat is fine.

What you get from us:
  • High Grade Vinyl
  • Mid Grade (1.4lb) Foam Density
  • The right Taper for the Location of your tub
  • 2 year warranty, and if it has to be repaired during the warranty period, we will look after the shipping costs
  • Free delivery and disposal of your old cover
What we need from you:
  • The make and model of your tub.  If you do not know we will need the outside dimensions measured including the radius of the  corners if they are rounded
  • The length of the skirting  (see picture)
  • If you have a cover lifter
  • The colour you would like the new cover to be
  • If you want a handle added to the inside
We know that was a lot of information.  But we want you to know what you are spending your money on and understand the importance of a good quality cover. 

For any further questions or to get started on ordering a new cover, give us a
call or visit us at our convenient Victoria location.

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